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Mark your calendars for Thursday 29th of November for the Onboarding event of the year! From pre-hire to offboarding: be inspired how to engage and progress throughout a future-proof employee journey.

We look into the constantly changing on- and offboarding journey. Onboarding is a huge challenge for every company, big or small. When your hires onboard properly, chances are they would be more committed to your company, are more productive and they’ll stay longer.


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Onboard.Amsterdam invited the top HR representatives from around the world. To speak, to connect and to influence.

The Kromhouthal - Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam

The Kromhouthal, the operating base of creative Amsterdam, is right on the IJ shore in Amsterdam-North and can be reached easily; it’s just a 15-minute bike ride from the Central Station and the public transport connection is excellent. Furthermore, our location is mere minutes away from the A10 motorway and the IJ-tunnel if you are traveling by car. There is plenty of free parking space available at and near the hall.

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